Borrowed Earth is a work for twelve women that charges the dancers with engaging in empathy through performance, to invite the audience to have an empathic experience of their own. Spontaneous composition through improvisational scores are utilized in contrast with choreographed movement to cultivate community through listening, attention, and a shared embodied learning. The work contents with issues of position and identity, as well as ideas surrounding community and togetherness, and the notion of “taking ground” as an opportunity to make space for individual voices to build collective strength.

Choreographed on the University of Iowa’s Dancers in Company; premiered February 2019

Project Director/Choreographer: Alex Bush

Dancers: Mikaela Mallin and Allie Mullen with Emily Buttolph, Laren Chang, Erin Evans, LB Evans, Callee Grell, Sarah McCluskey, Kira Olivares, Alyssa Simpson, Haley Stevens, and Lauren Wood

Borrowed Earth-5.jpg