The Flint Project, started in May, 2014, is a multi-media dance project that investigates the American Dream in relation to the intersection of social, cultural, and racial politics and history in the community of Flint, Michigan.  The culminating dance work, Spark and Ruin: a Story of Re-beginning premiered in early April, 2015, at Space Place Theater at the University of Iowa (video excerpts below).  This work was also Alex Bush's MFA Thesis project.  Part of the research process for this project is documented on this site's blog.

Project Director/Choreographer: Alex Bush

Dancers: Dot Armstrong, Rebekah Chappell, Tyler Clark, Hannah Gross, Tyler Nemmers, Courtney Paulsen, Dana Powers-Klooser, Brooke Robinson, Amy Simonson, Melanie Swihart